Hack This Podcast Ep. 1

Hack This Podcast Ep. 1

Cameron Banowsky

Recently I had the honor of being the first guest on Bryan Seely new podcast series Hack This Podcast.  

Bryan is a Ted Talks speaker, hacker and most importantly a good human.  Once again the cybersecurity community has shown me that not only is success within this industry more of a mode of being rather than a defined set of skills. Experiences such as these show me that top tier security professionals truly exist in finite numbers.  

There aren't that many hackers who leave the basement to see the light in order to contribute to the evolving threat landscape of cyber warfare.

I hope that my story, if nothing else, is an illustration that hard work and integrity will carry one further than greed and advanced degrees.  So don't let some Tek Systems recruiter haggle you into slavery, come work for SHE BASH first.

More importantly, subscribe to Bryan's podcast.


Hack This Podcast - Ep. 1