SHE BASH LLC, a WOSB as defined by SBA,  is a cross-functional pathfinding as a service and product development company with extensive experience in Zero Trust Network Architectures, ICAM strategy analysis, requirements development, DevSecOps Design, Engineering services, and open source governance engagements to build a bridge in understanding from the standards setting bodies within technology at the level of the open source to the United States Government stakeholders reliant on open source and the security and longevity of critical open source that runs critical infrastructure that is of National Security significance.

SHE BASH is a member of the Linux Foundation and  OpenSSF, which are integral components to enable secure software lifecycle management with transparency and attribution of the code down to the source.  This deep understanding of the software delivery lifecycle is one key differentiator in our perspective on matters related to zero trust networking, and identity access management.  

We have no reliance on outside funding, and our sole interests fall within ensuring the United States is no longer a victim to a contracting ecosystem built on lock-in, predatory service practices that ensured a select few companies retained the technical understanding to remain a dependency within this self-serving architecture.

Technical innovation and key movements in security have provided a window of opportunity to shift momentum away from large prime integrators and enable a new era of technical integrators via a more focused and tactical operational model. This model embraces the elements of intellectual property many covet and obfuscate, partly because we see value in dissenting perspectives and we are empowered through open source.

Collaboration, accountability and agnostic architectures will drive a new generation of technical solutions.  SHE BASH will exist so long as our belief that the United States can achieve superiority and dominance over adversarial efforts within these contested domains:

  • cybersecurity
  • digital engineering
  • artificial intelligence
  • threat intelligence
  • offensive security